Online Shopping and Ecommerce Solutions

Total Online Shopping Store Ltd completes your search for new, used, and refurbished items under one digital roof. Catering to both whims and necessities, we also collect functional second-hand goods for our eco-friendly shoppers. Experience convenience and sustainable shopping – step into Total Online Shopping Store Ltd’s diverse world of online shopping.

Selling new and
used items

Discover a wide range of new and gently used items at our online store. From brand-new products to pre-loved treasures, find quality items at affordable prices that cater to all your needs.


Give your items a second life! Our refurbishing service breathes new life into your old or worn-out belongings. We meticulously restore and refresh items to their former glory, ensuring they look and function like new

Collect unwanted, but working second hand items

Declutter responsibly with our collection service for unwanted but functional second-hand items. Whether it’s electronics, furniture, or other household items, we make it easy for you to give them a new home while doing your bit for the environment.

Take advantage of our eco-friendly online retail solutions today.

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