Unwanted Items

Unwanted Items Service: Simplified and Quick in Northampton, Wellingborough, Corby

Welcome to the simplified unwanted items service offered by Total Online Shopping Store Ltd. Complete the form provided to get a postage label, package your item, and dispense it at your local post office. By using our service, you consent to our terms and conditions with regards to redecorating and reselling your items.

Unwanted Items

If you have any products, big or small, that you no longer need, please fill out this form. We make it easy to sell the things you don’t want with our hassle-free and convenient service.

It works like this. We will send you a postage label when you complete the form. Once you’ve finished packaging and attaching the label, head on over to the post office to send it.

Conditions & Terms of Service:

Things cannot be returned once you have sent them to us through the mail. Please complete the the form that is included with your postage label and return it in your package.

You the customer are also agree by posting your item to us that you understand and give us permission to refurbish and or re sell this item and that the item then belongs to Total Online Shopping Store Ltd.

You are consenting to the terms and conditions stated above if you want to use this service.

Contact us now about our unwanted items service.

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